About Us - Ithaca Public Relations is a strategic marketing, advertising, media and public relations firm. We help people create compelling messaging that gets results.
Ithaca Public Relations helps people create
compelling messaging that gets results, and
manage their relationships with their publics.
We design and implement advertising, marketing,
social media, media and public relations campaigns.

We're based in Ithaca, NY. We were founded in
2005 by Bob Steinkamp, a former radio and
television news journalist and public affairs
programmer for more than 20 years.

The mission of Ithaca Public Relations is to empower our clients to become
proactive in their approach to press relations. We accomplish this by working
with them in a way that allows them to learn how and why we make the
recommendations we do, and take the actions we take.

The Ithaca Public Relations philosophy is that every organization can develop
effective working relationships with the press and the public.

Our philosophy was formed from direct observations as news journalists,
about how different organizations handle their media relations. Some are very
effective and receive more positive media coverage. They are able to
minimize negative media coverage because they're prepared. They have a
plan for media relations in place, and they work it.

Some organizations generate more negative press  coverage. Some do
great things, but get no coverage at all. They typically have no media relations
plan in place, or make little or no effort to build a working relationship with the
press. Some do make an attempt, but are unaware of several simple things
they could do differently, often at no cost, to build a more solid relationship,
and begin generating positive media coverage.

The Ithaca Public Relations Proactive Approach means helping clients
develop an attitude, policy and plan that anticipates and is prepared for media

We begin with an assessment of our client's current and past                     
experience with the media. We review their goals, or recommend goals for
them and then go to work. We show our clients why we're taking or
suggesting certain actions, and how they fit into the bigger picture. We also
identify ways they can incorporate  these actions into their organization on
their own. This approach is particularly effective for clients planning to handle
all their media relations in-house. Clients who  out-source their media relations
to us stay informed every step of the way. In both cases, our clients develop
an understanding of how to work with the press.

Does this mean we think you should be talking to the media every day?
No. Unless some aspect of what you do requires you to.

Should you out-source your media relations, or handle them in-house? Ithaca
Public Relations can help you make an objective, informed decision. Our
method of determining which is the most cost-efficient and productive, gives
you the hard facts you need to make the decision that's right for you.

Clients who out-source with us are kept informed every step of the way. Our
clients determine how involved they want to be in learning how to handle their
media relations, and we respond accordingly. Also, every client who
out-sources with us receives a response and action on weekends and
holidays, in the unlikely event a crisis control situation occurs.
An employee is alleging
discrimination and a reporter just
Crisis Control.

P.R. myths exposed.   

Guest editorials are one of the  
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See examples of the I.P.R.
Advertising Philosophy for press

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Click image to enlarge. One of downtown Ithaca's Race for the Space co-winners being interviewed at a press conference announcing the winners of the competition. Ithaca Public Relations is donating marketing and PR services to the winners.
Race for the Space! Ithaca Public
Relations is donating marketing
and PR services to downtown
Ithaca's Race for the Space
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