Ignore Them and They'll Go Away

Some people think they can ignore the press and it will go away

They think the press won't report a legitimate negative news story about them,
if they don't return a call from a reporter or producer.

They think the media will hold the story while their response team meets to
debate and discuss the matter.

They think "no comment" will sway public opinion in their favor when they're
under attack.
You get the picture.
They think it's better p.r. for the press to
report that they were ordered to take a
product off the store shelves, than to do
it voluntarily.

The news media doesn't go away if you ignore it.

Releasing the right information to the right people at the right time can
minimize negative publicity and negative public reaction. You either manage
the crisis or the media runs it. Ignoring the press can turn a 1 day news story
into one that lasts for weeks.

Sometimes, the best messenger is a third voice such as an ally or esteemed
colleague. Occasionally, saying nothing is the best thing to do. As long as
you do it in a way that keeps the press and public open to your message.

Shaping the conversation and framing the debate is essential to changing
public perception. Thought Leadership. Reputation Management.    

Ithaca Public Relations brings you 20 years of working experience in the news
media. We know which "negative" stories will most likely be pursued and what
questions are most likely to be asked. We made those same decisions in the

You benefit, because we reported the answers that minimized negative
publicity, kept images from being tarnished and prevented a loss of standing
or position. We also reported the answers that didn't.

What do you think when you see or hear in the news that someone had "no
comment", or no one was available to comment?

What would your employees think if it was you? Your board of directors or
stake-holders? Your volunteers, financial contributors or contemporaries?

We have a better response. Call us today at 607-280-3840 to talk about it.

Does your media plan include strategies for navigating a crisis management
or damage control situation? Media Plans developed by Ithaca Public
Relations do. They identify potentials for those situations within your
organization and how you'll respond to them.

The Ithaca Public Relations
Proactive Approach.

Response versus Reaction.
Contact Us today.
No one ever writes this into a
business plan...

  • Testing leads to the
    discovery of a product
    weakness that could mean
    injury or loss of life if it isn't

  • An external audit
    determines funds were
    embezzled and now
    stockholders and stake-
    holders are demanding
    answers and assurances...

  • An employee or manager
    makes a mistake that leads
    to a lawsuit or government

  • An organization weathers
    economic changes, but due
    to market conditions or
    decreases in contributions,
    must reduce it's workforce
    or services in order to
    remain viable...

These situations and others can
lead to calls from the media.

Making sure your message is
accurately and completely reported
is critical in a crisis management
or damage control situation.

In any situation, our goal is to
reduce and eliminate any media
coverage that could be damaging
to your organization and it's public

Put our experience to work for you.

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