365 P.R. Opportunities
This week is National Headache Awareness Week and this month is National
Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month.

Virtually every day, week, and month has some sort of holiday, observance
or awareness attached to it. Many of them have more than one, and they all
present opportunities for your business or organization to get some media
coverage, or do something that generates some goodwill public relations and


What are your hobbies, passions and interests? What are your areas of
expertise outside of your work? What line of work are you in? Did a personal
tragedy, galvanizing event, or once in a lifetime experience motivate you to
adopt a cause or charity, or take on a major community or public service

Your answers to those questions can help you identify press coverage
opportunities, and with a little advance planning and marketing, some goodwill
public relations for your business or organization, as well.

As we’ve discussed in past issues of The Insider, the media is always looking
for experts to talk about whatever topics are in the news. Charitable or public
service events that serve the community in some way are also great
opportunities for press coverage and some good public relations. Tie either
of these in with a daily, weekly, or monthly observance, holiday or awareness,
and the opportunity is there for you, too.

Just be sure that what you’re doing is somehow related to, or in honor of, the
observance or holiday.


Your promotion or pitch doesn‘t have to be directly related to your work.

For example, you’re in the retail or professional services sector, and you or
some of your employees are volunteer firefighters. Sponsor a trip to the fire
station for a class of third-graders during National Fire Safety Week, or bring
one of the fire trucks to your business and have the students visit you there.

Are you a CPA, Pilates instructor, broadcast or recording executive, Realtor,
graphic designer, or retail business owner who also has his or her pilot’s
license? Sponsor or donate a short flight to a theme park or to see relatives,
for a child suffering from a terminal illness during the national week or month of
that illness.

Are you an avid bicyclist? Beg or borrow bicycles during National Bicycle
Safety Month, set up a safety course at your place of business, or take it to a
local youth center, Cub Scout troop, etc. Put the kids on the bikes and teach
them the rules of the road for bicyclists.

If it was an illness, tragedy or some other galvanizing event that led to you
going into your line of work, and you’re comfortable talking about it publicly,
use your story during that national week or month to pitch a story to the media.


There are plenty of places on the Internet that list the different observances,
holidays or national day, week, or month being celebrated. Some are silly,
such as National Go Barefoot Day, or National Cotton Candy Day. Others are
serious such as National Skin Cancer Prevention Month (May), or National Fire
Presentation Week (October 3-9).

Here are a few links to set aside for reference:


A quick Google search will help you find others… especially if they’re related
to specific topics of interest to you such as health, the environment, children,
diversity, etc.


Make sure you let the media know what you’re doing far enough in advance…
especially if you need the press coverage or publicity to help draw people to
an event or activity.

If you’re doing an event or pitching your expertise for a specific day or week,
ie National Grandparents Day or Fire Safety Week, send your press release at
least a week in advance. If your activity or expertise pitch is centered on a
month such as National Heart Month, send it out during the final week of the
preceding month or at the very beginning of the month.

Remember that most magazines and many newsletters publish on a monthly
basis, so if you’re targeting them in your marketing efforts, you’ll need to let
them know at least a month ahead of time.


The media is most likely going to be more interested in something you do
that supports a local animal shelter, helps kids with disabilities, etc, than
something centered around National Cotton Candy or National Be Late to
Work day. You can certainly do something fun or wacky to celebrate one of
those days, and it may attract some goodwill public relations or publicity, but it
will need to have a major attraction factor to it.

The media will want to know why you’re doing this… keep that in mind if a
personal tragedy or event is a motivating factor.

Let the press know well in advance of your event or activity, and consider
other marketing efforts such as advertising, viral marketing, social media,
posters, flyers, etc if you’re looking to attract a crowd. Keep in mind that other
important or breaking news is always going to be a factor in the media’s
decision to give you coverage. Use The Insider’s Advertising Philosophy of
notifying every media outlet big and small, to attract as much coverage as

If you’re pitching your expertise, make sure your press release or story pitch
includes a brief bio about your expertise in that area/field… how many years
you’ve competed as an amateur bicyclist, how long you’ve served as  
volunteer firefighter, etc. It should also include a few bullet-pointed tips and a
quick list of any associations, certifications, recognitions you’ve received as
an expert in that area.

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Posted on 6/1/10
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