Effective Media Kits
Press kits: Beyond the basics

You have an attractive folder, a comprehensive and up-to-date company
backgrounder, a business card, and a press release specific to an upcoming
event or circumstance. What else can you do to augment that press kit?

  • Photos or slides: Are you announcing a product, a new location , a
    major personnel change, or other event that would be enhanced with
    pictures? If you want to include color pictures, use slides, because
    they provide top quality and processing flexibility.

  • Brochures and reprints: Use these when sending the kits to members
    of the press who may be unfamiliar with your company.

  • Competitive table: A general market overview should already be in
    your company backgrounder. A competitive analysis highlights your
    strengths when compared to your competitors.

  • Press guide, or Q&A: This document anticipates the key question a
    reporter might ask about your company or its announcement and then
    answers them.

  • References: When announcing a product or service, include
    references to some of your most satisfied customers, one or more
    industry analysts who will comment favorably on your company, and
    perhaps even the names and key contacts of your major competitors.
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