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A good backgrounder compliments
and enhances a good press
release. It reinforces your other
public relations efforts.

Putting the right information in a Q
and A sheet can strengthen  your
message to the press and support
your marketing messages at the
same time.

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When was the last time you received a sales pitch in the mail that asked for
your opinion or expertise, or directly addressed what's important to you?

Most snail mail marketing focuses on what's important to the
person/organization sending them  to you.

Snail-mail marketing is an often-overlooked, but very powerful tool that can
help you grow your business or organization… particularly now that e-
communication has become the norm and fewer people are using traditional
mail for marketing purposes.  For that reason alone, snail-mail, even for
marketing purposes, can stand out and get your client or potential client's

Most businesses and organizations use standard form-letters, brochures, fact
sheets, etc, for marketing purposes. But, when we consider that our  clients
and customers (and potential ones) want to know that we understand and
respect what is important to them, it's important that our follow-up marketing
efforts tell them that we're listening.


Use the first half of your follow-up snail-mail letter to ask for their professional
opinion or advice on something related to their business or organization. Put
some thought into the questions… something that requires more than a yes or
no answer. Ask several of them, then state that you’re confident your prospect
or someone in the organization can answer those questions for you.

This tells your prospect you were listening to him or her, and that you have a
genuine interest in helping them. It also draws them into your letter.

Use the second half of your letter to point out how your business or
organization can help them achieve their goals and objectives and be sure to
use their name or the name of the business or organization several times.
This type of personal touch does not go unnoticed and will go a long way
toward making your prospect much more receptive to using your product or

Finally, put one of those questions from the first part of your letter on the
envelope, just below your prospect’s name and address. Use their name at
the beginning of the question, which will engage them before they even open
the envelope and reduce the risk of it going in the trash before it ever gets


Desktop publishing now makes it possible to tailor these individually. Use a
master template with text, images, etc., then partially rewrite it to directly
address your prospect. Be sure to change the images to reflect the
industry/product/service of your prospect as well.


This type of effective snail-mail marketing is time consuming. Clearly, it may
not be possible to use it for cold-call marketing efforts fi your business or
organization does a lot of that. However, if you’ve qualified your prospect,
listened to him or her, identified their needs and priorities and how you can
help them, the extra effort and time you invest in personalizing a snail-mail
letter will greatly increase your bottom line.

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Posted on 1/5/10
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