The media is always looking for experts to talk to. Newspapers, trade, you


There is a clear difference between the media presenting you as an expert
and the paid advertising you do to tell people you’re an expert. The public
knows it, and it's a wise organization that recognizes it, as well. People love
truly creative advertising, but they also know it's a paid effort to get them to
buy a product or service.

It’s a totally different story when a media outlet chooses to present you to the
public as an expert, and you aren't paying it to do so. It carries more weight
because it’s an independent third party telling them you're an expert.


People don’t buy from businesses they don’t trust. Similarly, they don’t get
their news from sources they don’t trust. Nor do they read trade, business,
topical or special interest publications, or watch or listen to news
programs/talk shows they don’t trust. Websites? It's the same thing.

They do, however, patronize media outlets they trust in the same way they
patronize businesses they trust. They read, watch, or listen to them.


When you share your expertise with a media outlet’s audience, it can have the
same impact as a satisfied client or customer referring someone to you. Your
client or customer likes and trusts you, and that carries a lot of weight with the
person receiving the referral. You're granted a certain amount of implicit trust.  

Now consider that a media outlet is already trusted and liked by the people
who are patronizing it. By default, you’re granted a certain amount of implicit
trust and favorable impression with it’s audience.

Regular appearances on or in that media outlet can help to grow that trust and
favorable impression, leading to the point that the audience chooses to
contact you for your services or products. That’s good for your bottom line.

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Posted on 2/2/10
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