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Customer Service, Santa-Style   12/25/12
Santa's arrival got us to thinking about customer service, and no one does it
like jolly old St. Nick and his crew at the North Pole...
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Top Social Media Disasters of 2012  12/22/12
2012 was the year that social media came of age. It's explosive growth also
led to some high-profile social media disasters...
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How to Make a Video Go Viral  12/5/12
Viral videos and marketing campaigns have some common traits. Here's what
they are, and a few examples that broke those rules...
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Engaging Your Brand's Facebook Fans   4/7/11
A new report indicates evenings may be the best time for your business to
post to Facebook, if you want to market to/engage your fans and build brand
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More Social Media Disasters   3/31/11
Chrysler's F-bomb, Kenneth Cole's Egyptian disaster, Starbucks, Denny's and
other companies that created reputation management situations with their
social media disasters...
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The Basic Media Kit   2/27/11
A media kit or press page on your website is an essential part of your PR
toolbox. Here's what the basic kit should include...
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Guaranteed News Coverage   9/4/10
Peter Shankman of HARO - Help A Reporter Out, blogs about how
not to work
with the news media...
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Advertising That Sells   7/21/10
A few key advertising principles to make your advertising pay for itself...

365 PR Opportunities   6/1/10
Virtually every day, week and month has some sort of holiday or observance
attached to it. That means 365 public relations opportunities for your business
or organization...
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Social Media Sabotage: The Accidental Enemy   5/5/10
Are your employees accidentally sabotaging your company and your brand
with their social media posts? A corporate social media policy can help...
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BP Oil Exec's Textbook P.R. Crisis Interview   5/5/10
BP CEO Tony Hayward aces this CNN interview about the Gulf of Mexico oil
rig explosion...
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How to Influence Opinions and Actions   4/23/10
Press releases are great for making announcements such as a business
expansion or fundraising campaign, but to influence opinions or change
people's actions, marketing and public relations are needed...
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Social Media is a Conversation   4/11/10
Most businesses are going in the wrong direction when it comes to using
social media. Here's the simple mistake they're making...
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Toyota's P.R. Effort: Not Doing Enough   3/11/10
Toyota has enjoyed a solid reputation for 50 years, but unless it ramps up it's
P.R. efforts, the company's troubles will only get worse...
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The Power of Postcards   3/11/10
Postcards can be one of the most effective ways of marketing your business
or organization. Here's why, and how to do it...
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The Tiger Woods Affair   3/11/10  
Tiger Woods has finally spoken publicly, but did he say the right things, and
could he have handled the whole situation differently?   
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Calling All Experts   part three   3/11/10
Speed, and sometimes, gentle persistence are the keys to having the media
call on you for your expertise...
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Calling All Experts   part two   2/16/10
Inform the media, don't sell, when you get asked to share your expertise with
a media outlet's audience. Here's why...
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Calling All Experts   part one   2/2/10
The media is always looking for experts to talk to. Here's why you should put
your expertise to work for your business in the press.
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The John Edwards Media Disaster   1/22/10
What we can learn from the news coverage John Edwards received, after
admitting he fathered a child with a campaign aide.
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Advertisers know this. You should, too...   1/19/10
Let's talk about advertising for a moment. There's a parallel that can be drawn
between what successful advertisers know, and the kind of press coverage
you're seeking...
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Snail Mail Marketing That Works   1/5/10
Snail mail is an often overlooked, but powerful tool in your marketing kit... if
you use it effectively. Here's how to do it.
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The Key to Getting Press Coverage   12/15//09
There's one question every reporter asks when he or she considers a story.
Answer it, and you greatly increase your chances of getting news coverage...
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Shattering P.R. Myths...
I have friends in the media... always release bad news on Friday... and other
old-wives tales. Most P.R. firms are headed in the wrong direction...

Press Releases 101...   Updated on 8/3/10
Effective press releases do more than just generate news coverage. They
can help shape your public image...
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Media Kits That Get Attention...
Press kits have their place in your P.R. strategy, but the key is to make sure
they contain the right things. That's right. Things. Not information, although that
should be in your kit, too...
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Roadblocks to Press Coverage...
Most people run into roadblocks with press coverage because of a few
simple things they can easily adjust. Try these simple tips...
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